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The origin of Rock ‘N’ Roll

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The origin of Rock ‘N’ Roll

At Ropetackle we love music and have a selection of artists who play various rock and blues genres, but do you know where the popular genres came from? Read this article to find out.

Rock and Blues music emerged in America in the 1940s when country music and blues morphed into a new sound with electric guitars and drumbeats. Trailblazing rock and blues artists include B.B King, Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix.  Across the 1950s and 1960s lots of different genres of rock and blues music started to emerge e.g. American Rock ‘N’ Roll, Classic Rock, Funk and Afrobeats.

Ropetackle put on many different Rock and Blue genres so you can find the event perfect event for your music taste.

If classic American rock and roll is the music for you get yourself down to Ropetackle to see The Fezzes. A band made up of legends from Madness, The Jools Holland Rhythm, Blues Orchestra and The Van Morrison Band. Witness a set loaded with the classic cool of 1950s American rock ‘n’ roll, filtered through the lens of Tarantino soundtracks.

Want to discover a new up coming rock and blues band? Get tickets to see amazing 5-piece band Connolly Hayes. Their latest single called ‘Remember Me came out just last week and Ropetackle feel honoured to welcome Connolly Hayes on their debut tour.

If you prefer soul jazz music, then The Devlon Lamarr Organ Trio is perfect for you. Also known as the DLO3 you will get to enjoy the often-lost art of feel-good music. The band features organist Delvon Lamarr, guitarist Jimmy James, and drummer Julian MacDonough who perform an imaginative take on classic tunes.

If none of these genres call out to you keep a look out for new events as Ropetackle also often has bands performing folk rock, classic rock and Afrobeats!

Listen to our Rock and Blues playlist to hear some of the Brilliant songs you could hear from Artist performing in upcoming months.

This article was written by Abby Currie, who has completed several days of work experience as part of one of her modules for Events Management at BIMM Brighton.

BIMM Music Institute opens the doors to the music industry, they provide real-world industry experiences and have built a community across their colleges in England, Ireland and Germany.

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