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Trees – Album Launch

Friday 23rd June 2017 -

Trees Ensemble Jazz Sussex Brighton Shoreham Ropetackle
Trees Ensemble Jazz Sussex Brighton Shoreham Ropetackle

Performing an eclectic mix of contemporary and groove-based compositions, Trees is an inclusive community-based group comprising up to 40 musicians. Led by Brighton bassist and composer Terry Pack, join the ‘unfeasibly large ensemble’ as they launch debut album Heart Of Oak.

“Trees comprise all the layers of a healthy and supportive music scene with a well-established history.” ~ Julian Nicholas (South Coast Jazz Festival)

Inspired by Terry’s deep affinity for the hidden history of his native Sussex coast, Heart Of Oak is informed by a lifetime of music making with players from across the world, from Chicago bluesmen to Indian bansuri masters, from sun-drenched Italian hillsides to packed London rock palaces, yet always rooted in the homeland that has inspired him.

With this broad spectrum of musical influences, Heart Of Oak is a collection of new and imaginative compositions written by Terry and fellow band member Hilary Burt.

“Trees is a coming together of players and singers, a cavalcade of unique characters.” ~ Eddie Myer (Music Journalist)