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Trad Attack!

Sunday 29th April 2018 - Starts 8pm


Trad. Attack! are turning the Estonian music scene upside down by bringing traditional music to the modern world. They take traditional songs – sometimes starting with scratchy recordings of long vanished village voices – and build pulsating rhythmic structures, creating impressively big sounds from acoustic 12-string guitar, drums and an array of whistles, bagpipes and jaw harps. Their first tune ‘Kooreke’ became a hit and since then they have received 14 Music Awards in Estonia, released their debut album ‘AH!‘ become recognized internationally and toured in 31 countries.

This show is sure to be a foot-stomping Estonian folk extravaganza!


Ropetackle Cafe Suppers Shoreham

We're serving delicious food before this event from 6pm! Mains cost £7, desserts £3, or the two-course meal for £9.50. Advance booking necessary, to do so simply email lesleyskitchenltd@gmail.com. Click on the icon to see what's on the menu.

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