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The Rum Manual – Tasting of Fine Rum and Chocolate

Wednesday 3rd April 2019 - Starts 7pm



Like rum? Come and enjoy a fun and interesting evening discovering the tricks of this lively spirit. (With added chocolate.)

Tasting & pairing both Rum and Chocolate on the evening…

The premium rum market is growing at an astonishing rate. The mission of Dave Broom‘s latest book is to help drinkers appreciate this complex spirit, find the style they like and discover how this versatile spirit can best be enjoyed. It will help you to understand your rum – how it’s produced (whether from molasses, cane syrup or cane juice) and whether it’s dry, sweet, fresh or oaky.

More than 100 different rums are featured and analysed, from rich, sweet mellow Guyana rums to the vegetal peppery rums of Martinique or Guadeloupe and contemporary spiced rums. Dave Broom provides a description and graded tasting notes for each brand, allowing you to create the perfect mix every time. Finally, a selection of classic and contemporary cocktails shows just how wonderfully versatile this spirit is.

Award-winning author and spirits expert Dave Broom has written eight books, two of which (Drink! and Rum) won the Glenfiddich Award for Drinks Book of the Year. He has also won the Glenfiddich Award for Drinks Writer of the Year twice and recently won the extremely prestigious IWSC Communicator of the Year Award. In 2015 Tales of the Cocktail presented Dave with the Best Cocktail & Spirits award, followed by the Golden Spirit Award in 2016.


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