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Stick In The Wheel

Friday 12th October 2018 - Starts 8pm

TICKET PRICE: £14 general £12 Friends


“Britain’s most exciting new folk band” ~ UNCUT

“Powerful—and deeply relatable…remarkably blending the contemporary and the historical” ~ Pitchfork

East London folk band Stick In The Wheel are headed by singer Nicola Kearey and guitarist/producer Ian Carter. Known for their fierce, raw delivery, this is culturally and politically switched-on music, with the group being widely commended for their timely appraisal of English Folk. Their skill in telling stories through song that reconnect modern audiences to the past draws unexpected parallels between then and now.

Their second album Follow Them True (2018) The songs within examine rituals and cycles, our inherent power to change ourselves and the world around us, ghosts and death, land and place, thieves and beggars. It continues to question the notion of what folk music is, and what it means in 2018. Pushing the boundaries of this music hard, with such energy and intensity, has brought connections with new, modern audiences who can’t get enough of this vibrant band.

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