Francesca Martinez: What The **** Is Normal? | Ropetackle Arts Centre

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Francesca Martinez: What The **** Is Normal?

Thursday 30th October 2014 -

Francesca Martinez Shoreham Ropetackle
Francesca Martinez Shoreham Ropetackle

Please note, this event was originally scheduled for Tuesday 24th September.

Come and hear Francesca Martinez talking about her new book: What The **** is Normal? In association with City Books and Shoreham WordFest 2014.

What do you do when you’re labelled abnormal in a world obsessed with normality? In a world where wrinkles are practically illegal, going bald is cause for mental breakdown, and women over size ten are encouraged to shoot themselves, what the **** do you do if you’re, gasp… disabled?

Francesca was diagnosed with cerebral palsy when she was two years old and her parents were gravely told that she would never lead a ‘normal’ life. After a happy childhood filled with tree climbing, mischief and little regard for her bit of palsy, Francesca arrived at high school with a confidence verging on indestructible, only to be turned into a miserable and insecure wreck. Luckily for her, salvation came from Grange Hill, a stand-up comedy workshop, and a passionate love affair replete with scintillating conversation.

What The **** is Normal?! is a very funny, very moving celebration and exploration of learning to be happy with who you are. Neither an autobiography nor a self-help book, it’s a powerful and political call-to-arms that rails against the relentless media bombardment of what is culturally perceived as ‘normal’. Francesca equipped herself with the tools to stick two shaky fingers up to society’s unrealistic and damaging expectations, and with this book, she hopes to help more people to do the same.