Ropetackle Film Club Presents: The Fabulous Baker Boys | Ropetackle Arts Centre

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Ropetackle Film Club Presents: The Fabulous Baker Boys

Thursday 12th April 2018 - Starts 7:30pm

TICKET PRICE: £5 for guests of Film Club members


Frank (Beau Bridges) is the elder, anxious, fussy brother with the corny patter and corny renditions. Jack (Jeff Bridges) is the more talented younger brother. These guys, not without musical talent, are resting at the moment their dream finally dies, then in walks Suzy Diamond (Michelle Pfeiffer.) Directed by Steve Kloves.

Open to Film Club members and guests only (£5 per guest).
Duration 114 mins. Certificate 15.


Ropetackle Cafe Suppers Shoreham

We're serving delicious food before this event from 6pm! Mains cost £7, desserts £3, or the two-course meal for £9.50. Advance booking necessary, to do so simply email Click on the icon to see what's on the menu.

Main: Chicken and lentil casserole w/potatoes and veg / Sweet potato and quinoa crumble w/vegetables (v)

Dessert: Sherry trifle