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Richard Durrant

Thursday 18th February 2016 - Starts 7.30pm


Richard Durrant Shoreham Ropetackle
Richard Durrant Shoreham Ropetackle

Composer and guitarist Richard Durrant returns to Ropetackle with a show of many strings. He’ll be playing solos on his concert guitar and showing off his latest love – the tenor guitar.

“The four strings of the tenor guitar ring out with a uniquely beautiful voice” says Durrant, “yet another excuse for me to play Bach!”

He’ll also be performing some of his own music as well as taking the audience to Spain and South America. There’ll also be some exciting added extras at this typically unpredictable Durrant gig. The maverick virtuoso will be joined on-stage by 25 ukulele players and concert harpist Alexandra King, in an ensemble Durrant refers to as the Ropetackle Philharmonic Orchestra.

“Nobody would guess what we’re going to play” says the delighted Durrant, adding mysteriously, “we’re treading a tightrope between Bowie, Dvorak and French Impressionism.”

Recruits for this unique orchestra have come from Durrant’s weekly Ukulele Circuit Training which has been taking place every Wednesday evening at Ropetackle. The six week course ends the night before the performance. Another has already been booked due to its enormous popularity. If you want to join, details can be found HERE

Please note, the start time of 7.30pm is correct, there is an error in the printed brochure which states the start time as 8pm – this is incorrect.

Ropetackle Cafe Suppers Shoreham

We're serving delicious food before this event from 6pm! Mains cost £7, desserts £3, or the two-course meal for £9.50. Advance booking necessary, to do so simply email lesleyskitchenltd@gmail.com. Click on the icon to see what's on the menu.

Main: Cheesy haddock and pasta gratin served with salad / Rigatoni with aubergine and mozzarella served with salad (v)

Dessert: Bread and butter pudding

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