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Martin Turner (Ex Wishbone Ash)

Sunday 24th March 2019 - Starts 8pm


Martin Turner (Ex Wishbone Ash)

WISHBONE GOLD – Spring Tour 2019

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the formation of the original Wishbone Ash

Featuring full performance of Wishbone Ash’s classic 1976 album “New England”

Fresh from 2017/18 shows which have featured Wishbone Ash’s seminal albums

Argus, There’s the Rub and Wishbone Ash in their entirety, Martin Turner and his

band return to the concert stages in Spring 2019 to celebrate the 50th anniversary

of the formation of the original Wishbone Ash and perform another classic album –

1976’s New England.


Wishbone Ash was formed by West Country musicians Martin Turner and Steve

Upton, who arrived in London in 1969 to embark on their musical journey. Intent on

creating a musical sound that was rich in texture and melody, Martin Turner

envisaged the band’s innovative harmony-guitar hallmark and guitarists Ted Turner

and Andy Powell were recruited via a now legendary Melody Maker advert. The

partnership of the original line-up of Wishbone Ash forged a unique musical identity

that would produce some of rock music’s best loved works and influencing

numerous successful bands, resulting in millions of album sales and concert

attendances. Wishbone Ash would become one of the most enduring British rock

acts – its name synonymous with high quality guitar-driven melodic rock music.

Five decades later, the music of the classic line-ups of Wishbone Ash continues to

delight audiences worldwide through both live performances and a rich legacy of

recorded work that continues to be enjoyed by fans old and new. Classic album

releases such as Wishbone Ash, Argus, Pilgrimage, There’s the Rub, New England

and Live Dates defined the Wishbone Ash sound and have touched the hearts of

several generations of music fans. As lead vocalist and key creative force, founding

original member Martin Turner was central to the critical and commercial success

of Wishbone Ash’s most revered albums, with his passionate vocal delivery,

songwriting ability, keen melodic sense and production values being major

ingredients in the definitive Wishbone Ash sound.


Martin Turner continues to perform the band’s best loved works with his current line-up, which features

guitarists Danny Willson and Misha Nikolic, and drummer Tim Brown.

In recent years Martin Turner has delighted audiences worldwide with his

performances of material from the classic periods of Wishbone Ash’s history.

Martin’s 2019 touring continues his exploration of the Wishbone Ash catalogue and

follows the release of a deluxe 30-disc Wishbone Ash career retrospective CD

boxed-set entitled The Vintage Years 1970-1991 as well as Martin Turner’s 2016-

recorded 2CD/DVD package The Beauty Of Chaos – Live at the Citadel.

The Spring 2019 Wishbone Gold tour will see Martin and his band performing

1976’s iconic New England album – as well as other favourites from the classic era

of Wishbone Ash, including Argus highlights.

Released in October 1976 and featuring the celebrated Wishbone Ash “Mark 2” line-

up of Martin Turner, Steve Upton, Andy Powell and guitarist Laurie Wisefield (who had joined Wishbone Ash in 1974 replacing original member Ted Turner), New

England marked a return to form for Wishbone Ash after the relatively

disappointing response to its predecessor Locked In. Recorded using mobile

equipment, New England was written and recorded in the loose environment of a

basement rehearsal facility set up at Martin Turner’s Connecticut home, resulting in

an album that was brimming with live energy. With a mix of powerful rock numbers

such as “Runaway” and “Mother of Pearl”, alongside melodic cuts like “Lorelei” and

“You Rescue Me”, the album was an instant crowd-pleaser. The band’s twin-guitar

hallmark had never sounded so vibrant as on the album’s instrumental showcase

“Outward Bound” and New England highlighted all that was great about this much-

loved band.

Martin Turner’s Spring 2019 shows will mark the very first time New England has

been performed in its entirety on stage and this tour is an event that no Wishbone

Ash aficionado will want to miss.

Worldwide Management: Martin Darvill, QEDG

Concert Bookings: Gary Carter

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