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Monday 29th January 2018 -


‘…state-of-the-art Irish music as aggressively infectious as you’ll ever hear.’ Dirty Linen (2000)

Lúnasa celebrated its twentieth anniversary in 2017 as one of the most influential bands in the history of Irish traditional music.  Two decades ago they ascended to the forefront of contemporary Irish music, and there they’ve remained, a leading voice in the genre and the standard against which others are compared.

Named after an ancient Celtic harvest festival in honour of the Irish god Lugh, the group that Folk Roots magazine once called an “Irish music dream team” has proven its mettle time and again over the years. The band has sold over a quarter of a million records, performed more than 2,000 across 36 countries, and collaborated with many notable artists outside the tradition.

With a new album and a robust touring schedule to match, Lúnasa continues to set the standard and will lead the way for decades to come.

There will be a local Shoreham folk band playing traditional songs in the foyer from 7pm.

A special evening, to be sure!


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