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Friday 13th April 2018 - Starts 8pm

TICKET PRICE: £18 seated, £16 standing

Gryphon may not be one of the better known of the British progressive bands, but they are surely one of the most unique and interesting. The five albums they produced between 1973 and 1977 show their evolution from an all-acoustic medieval music quartet to a progressive pop band. Richard Harvey and Brian Gulland, both alumni of the Royal Academy Of Music, built Gryphon around their interest in ancient classical and folk music.

Harvey, a true virtuoso on the recorder, also played keyboards and other instruments, while Gulland played crumhorn and its modern cousin, the bassoon. After several years touring and recording, Gryphon originally split up in 1977. But now they are back. Revitalised and reinvented, the virtuoso musicianship and songwriting flair that marked them out in the 70s has been pushed even further. Different, surprising, exciting.

Gryphon are all these things. And with new songs as well as old being performed, their return to form is nothing short of astounding.