Glissando (Harp Ensemble) | Ropetackle Arts Centre

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Glissando (Harp Ensemble)

Sunday 4th November 2018 - Starts 8pm



A breathtaking ensemble of top South-Coast harpists performing repertoire in styles ranging from the energetic to the ethereal.

A relatively new ensemble, Glissando was formed in 2016 over a few cups of tea and conversations about harp strings and trolleys. Since then, the group has enjoyed a very successful run of concerts, exploring new repertoire and overcoming the challenges bought on by the involvement of so many estate cars and large instruments in one space.

The combined experience of the harpists is vast, from orchestral concerts at the Royal Albert Hall and world tours with pop bands, to residences in top London hotels and on cruise ships. Together Glissando hope to inspire audiences, and open people’s minds to the versatility and possibilities of the harp.