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Fundraising Appeal

Ropetackel 10 Year Fundraising Shoreham Arts Culture

As we enter our 10th year, so too does much of the original equipment that has enabled us to host countless events week in, week out. As part of our 10 year celebrations we are hoping to raise significant funds to improve and upgrade some of this ageing equipment, in particular:


To deliver these improvements we need to raise a sum of £20,000

To achieve this we have setup an online fundraising auction with some brilliant items up for grabs:

We also organised two great fundraising events:


Other ways to support include:


You can also donate by telephone on 01273 464440 or in person.

As a registered charity, we have survived the past decade fuelled by generous community support, whether it be the volunteers who staff the centre, or the those who have joined our Friends scheme. To achieve our fundraising goal, we are hoping the community may come together to further support our future.

Our equipment is vital to bringing out the best in every event, therefore its maintenance and renewal is essential. Your donation will enable us to deliver even better experiences to many thousands of people each year.

Whichever way you choose to support, and by however much, you will be helping build a better future for Ropetackle. As a gesture of thanks, we will be creating a special word-cloud artwork comprising the names of all donors (you can opt out of this if you wish), to represent and embody the community support that underpins Ropetackle, its past, present, and with your help, its future.

Thank you for your support.