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Arts Council boost to live show experience

Tom at sound-desk

Arts Council boost to live show experience

Ropetackle audiences and performers can now enjoy an even better show experience, thanks to a £28,124 boost from Arts Council England (ACE.)

New sound and lighting systems were installed last month at the award-winning venue as part of ACE’s Supporting Grassroots Music Fund, giving the 17-year-old venue a new lease of life. The new equipment, which included a brand-new PA system, new energy-efficient LED stage lights, and a new tech-desk computer, has resulted in a state-of-the-art experience for both performers and fans.

Centre manager Mark Phillips says: “The new sound equipment will allow audiences to appreciate the talent and music like never before, while the movable LED lighting will provide a more dynamic visual accompaniment to live music concerts and essential mood, atmosphere, and scene setting for our theatrical productions.

Vortice AV, based in Heathfield, East Sussex, have supplied most of the equipment. As Technical Manager Tom Dalton explains: “They are local to us, have an excellent reputation, offer an additional year of warranty and can loan us equipment if any maintenance or repairs needed to take place. We also consulted with some of the agents and promoters we work with to ensure we were getting the right equipment for the job.”

Feedback from the audience has been overwhelmingly positive. “The quality of the sound and lighting is on a par with many larger popular venues and a lot better than some of them,” said one, on the post-show survey. “I liked the red lighting on the red floor. It looked and felt warm,” said another. Performers are also noticing the difference. A spokesman from the South Coast Soul Revue said: “Loved the lighting. One of our best ever shows and we have been playing there since 2012. Sound is excellent – very much improved.”

Mark adds: “We pride ourselves on the quality of our programme – something audiences, agents, and other venues regularly comment on – but in order for us to maintain this quality and develop it further, we need the right equipment to facilitate and fulfil the technical needs of today’s performers.

“This grant funding will help us deliver just that and we are grateful to the Arts Council for the opportunity to elevate Ropetackle to the next level. It’s a very exciting time!”

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