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A SOLD-OUT TREASON SHOW Friday 17th August

Rib-cracking, side-splitting, gun-firing, hard hitting – why, it’s The Treason Show in their summer special at Shoreham.  The local satirical gang committed their customary custard pie fest to any number of entertaining targets: leader and Impersonator in Chief, Mark Brailsford (dressed) abetted by Sophia Behn, Kerren Garner and Matt Grief  set about  numero uno  The Donald, with runners up Thameslink Trains and the National Health. Trump is a gift to a blonde, bewigged Brailsford who gleefully sends  him up as far as he dares, even  risking the space race until Kim Jong Un appears as ally.

Running gags continue to be News Programmes  (for the Hard of Thinking) occasionally doubling up at the expense of the national press (Daily Mail.)  Brilliant puns scatter through the script like bullets, usually at the expense of politicians or  football managers and if one doesn’t hit the target, there’ll be another along fast. (Unlike Thameslink trains.)    Mrs. May is a robot, Ivanka  rhymes with banker and similar, whilst Wolfie and Claudie dance their  scrambled Deutschland under alles with impeccable timing and  linguistic command.  Nothing is sacred: there is a funeral for Barry Chuckle and  Peter Firmin whilst Jesus prefers to stay on the cross rather than serve in May’s Cabinet. ( As do Thai cavers. ) Even nearer the knuckle is the school sketch featuring St. Fondle with a wonderfully inappropriate Head Master.

Wicked, witty, fast and funny.

Louise Dumas.

Tickets for September’s show can be bought here: