The Sun, The Moon & Half A Chicken

Saturday 22nd December 2012 - Starts 2.30pm


Cow, Moon & Half Chicken
Cow, Moon & Half Chicken

Storybox Theatre present The Sun, The Moon & Half A Chicken.

‘Children sat enchanted… wide eyed and open mouthed’ ~ The Guardian

‘Thoughtful, unafraid, empathetic, endlessly imaginative theatre for the young. This is puppetry of real skill… the children lapped it up, amazingly attentive and eager’ ~ The Scotsman

Hatched with half the body but twice the pride of his brothers and sisters, the curious half-chick hops off to see the King. On his journey he meets Fire, Wind and Water – but will he ever meet His Majesty? Based on a traditional Spanish tale, this magical and atmospheric show also tells the story of The King Who Wanted To Touch The Moon, and Aesop’s fable of The Wind and The Sun.

Storybox Theatre’s Rod Burnett uses his formidable skills as a storyteller and puppeteer to send magic tingling up the spines of children and adults alike.