Thursday 23rd April 2015 - Starts 8pm


Spiro Shoreham Ropetackle
Spiro Shoreham Ropetackle

“This is one of the most human variants of minimalism I’ve encountered, as Mr Warhol put it: ‘this is fabulous!’” **** ~ The Guardian

Spiro first met on the Bristol music scene and have been together, their line-up completely unchanged, for over 20 years. Since formation it was clear that Spiro were not your average acoustic instrumental act, they’re a highly imaginative and highly disciplined group with a sound that’s unified but never uniform.

All four members, all four instruments, pull in the same direction, creating music that is intricate yet so full of momentum. They play hurrying, scurrying soundscapes that sweep majestically with cinematic presence, echoing – at various points – the work of Steve Reich, Michael Nyman, and The Penguin Café Orchestra. But, kindred spirits aside, this is the music of Spiro – undeniably English, undeniably theirs.

Listen to just a few bars of any track and their tight ensemble sound is both overwhelming and invigorating. Spiro’s approach to composition and performance unlocks an extraordinary emotional response to their music, both on record and live, and it is on stage in particular where their instrumental expertise shines through in all its glory.

Ropetackle Cafe Suppers Shoreham

We're serving delicious food before this event from 6pm! Mains cost £7, desserts £3, or the two-course meal for £9.50. Advance booking necessary, to do so simply email lesleyskitchenltd@gmail.com. Click on the icon to see what's on the menu.

Main: Mediterranean chicken with vegetables / Pumpkin, sage and parmesan gratin with vegetables (v)

Dessert: Chocolate brownie and ice cream