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Shoreham WordFest: Sue Walker Workshop – Location

Sunday 6th October 2013 - Starts 10am


Sue Walker Shoreham Wordfest Ropetackle
Sue Walker Shoreham Wordfest Ropetackle

Location, location, location. The idea of ‘location as character’ is an age-old notion in fiction. In this workshop, novelist Sue Walker will be examining why choice of location is arguably the most pivotal tool in building plot and developing characters. Why do some locations inspire and others do not? What exactly is it about a particular place that sparks off an idea? Rural or urban setting – what fundamental difference can these choices make to the writing? Use of the imaginary versus the real – how can that affect the writing? The workshop will involve: looking at methods of location research, use of photography/visual aids, and writing exercises.

Participants are encouraged to bring along a camera, preferably digital, (or a mobile phone capable of taking photographs) as there will be a practical exercise involving photography. Participants should also bring writing materials or a laptop as there will be practical writing exercises throughout the workshop.

Sue’s novels are published by Penguin.

Please note: this is one of two workshops by Sue Walker during Shoreham WordFest, and there is a reduction if both workshops are booked. To claim this discount, you must book both workshops through Shoreham WordFest directly on 07522 957691 or via: www.shorehamwordfest.com