Phil Grabsky Presents: Exhibition Vermeer

Tuesday 26th November 2013 - Starts 7pm


Grabsky Vermeer
Grabsky Vermeer

Phil Grabsky Presents: Exhibition Vermeer & Music, The Art Of Love & Leisure

Award-winning arts documentary maker Phil Grabsky’s ground-breaking project to connect major exhibitions from across the world with over 200,000 people in cinemas come to Ropetackle. The National Gallery, London, is offering a fresh look at one of the most startling and fascinating artists of all, Johannes Vermeer, painter of the famous Girl With A Pearl Earring.

Tim Marlow goes beyond the exhibition to tell the entire story of Vermeer’s life showing in fabulous HD detail many of the artist’s captivating works. This new, cinematic exploration will take your enjoyment and fascination of Vermeer’s life and work to a new level. An absolute must for art lovers.

The screening will be accompanied by a pre-film talk and post-film Q&A session with Phil Grabsky.

Phil Grabsky’s Exhibition Series:

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Vermeer & Music: The Art Of Love & Leisure, Tues 26th November