Spoken Word,

Paul Johnson – IFS

Friday 17th April 2015 - Starts 8pm


Paul Johnson
Paul Johnson

Paul Johnson – director of the Institute For Fiscal Studies and one of the country’s foremost experts on public finances and the economy gives an exclusive talk about the deficit and living standards, what has happened over this parliament, and what are the challenges for the next.

Ropetackle is privileged to welcome back Paul Johnson, his talk, shortly before the election, being particularly timely.

Central to the election already have been claims about the effect of this government on the public finances and on household incomes. Claims and counter claims abound over what will happen to taxes and spending under the different parties in the next parliament. Paul will assess what has actually happened so far, tell us whether we are any better off than in 2010 and why there is still a £90 billion deficit. He will then explain the tax, spending and public finance policies of the main parties and what they might mean for public services and household incomes over the coming five years.

As one of the country’s most authoritative experts on public finances and fiscal policy, Paul appears regularly on national TV and radio. In addition to being director of the highly respected and influential IFS, he is also visiting Professor Of Economics and the LSE.

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