Music, Blues, Dance,

Flamenco Blues

Sunday 10th May 2015 - Starts 7.30pm


Tormenta Flamenca Flamenco Blues Shoreham Ropetackle
Tormenta Flamenca Flamenco Blues Shoreham Ropetackle

Tormenta Flamenca – Flamenco Blues

‘Ana’s smouldering show sweeps away flamenco cynicism… and like a fleeting Mediterranean thunderstorm, it was over before the evening was old.’Worthing Herald

‘Tormenta Flamenca creates a modern twist on traditional dancing traditions… a dramatic show!’North Norfolk Times

One artist, two lifelong loves, Flamenco Blues is a tender tribute to both blues and flamenco. Like two strands of one thread, the genres intertwine with the strength and tradition of flamenco overlapping the deep joy and melancholy of jazz while soulful blues vocals slide in between explosive flamenco dance.

Asserting their own identities while simultaneously melting together seamlessly, this show creates an entirely new theatrical experience. This outstanding performance shows how two powerful artistic traditions, though separately evolved and with their own faithful followers, can share the stage and the same language; sure of their own identities, they effortlessly enhance the beauty in the other.

Executed with affection and great loyalty to each genre, this uplifting spectacular is brimming with expertise, skilled showmanship, and rare artistic vision.

Make sure you don’t miss out on this first ever show of its kind before it steps on to the world stage.