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Felicity Aston: Could You Ski To The South Pole?

Wednesday 12th March 2014 - Starts 7pm


Felicity Aston South Pole Shoreham Ropetackle
Felicity Aston South Pole Shoreham Ropetackle

Could you ski to the South Pole? That was the challenge that British adventurer Felicity Aston put to women from around the Commonwealth as she set out to create an all-female expedition to the South Pole. The team would not be experienced explorers but ordinary women who wanted to inspire others to follow their dreams or make a change for the better in their lives. At the close of 2009, Felicity led a team from places as diverse as Jamaica, India, Singapore, and Cyprus – some of whom had never even seen snow or spent the night in a tent before joining the expedition – on one of the toughest journeys on the planet. Felicity recounts their journey, not just the physical struggles across the ice but also what it took to transform these seven strangers into such an unconventional but successful team.