Spoken Word,

Crime & Punishment – Does Crime Pay?

Wednesday 27th March 2013 - Starts 7.30pm



Tackle the issues. A series of debates presented by Ropetackle and Sussex University.

Why do criminals commit crimes? What are the rewards of crime? And how do they justify the risks of getting caught? Does punishment work? We are familiar with the picture of successful criminals living it up on the Costa del Rich, but is this the reality? An eminent panel presents a revealing, and challenging, picture, not only of the reality of the “earnings” of criminals, but of their lifestyle, with insights into what draws them to offending.

Does our fear of crime stem, in part at least, from our recognition that criminals live by a different set of values? Is our stereotypical perception of the criminal wholly different from the reality? Hear the fascinating results of research into the subject, as well as the expert views of the panel which Ropetackle is privileged to welcome: Prof Barry Reilly (Economics – Sussex University), Dr Lizzie Seal (Sociology – Sussex University), Dr Dan Hough (Politics – Sussex Centre For The Study Of Corruption) & Anthony Burton (Criminal Lawyer, Deputy Crown Court Judge & Commonwealth Death Row Advocate).

Question the panel and take part in the discussion which will be stimulating and informative.

Even if your views are unchanged, you will gain a greater understanding of the criminal mind, and why the fear of crime may be worse than the reality.