Spoken Word,

Andy Peebles

Wednesday 25th September 2013 - Starts 8pm


Andy Peebles
Andy Peebles

Andy PeeblesThe perfect face for radio!

Meet the broadcaster who became the last Englishman to interview John Lennon. He has also talked to three Prime Ministers, hundreds of music legends, dozens of sporting celebrities and Britain’s most famous hangman. Currently on Smooth Radio every Saturday evening with Andy Peebles’ Soul Train, he has numerous tales to tell about life as a disc jockey and the many happy years spent covering cricket for the BBC. From Piccadilly Radio, Manchester in 1974 to BBC Radio One from 1978-1992, alongside his involvement with BBC sports commentating, Andy Peebles experiences and passion for music and sport makes a fun and interesting evening of chat and stories. Share in his pleasure at a visible audience as opposed to the four walls of a studio and participate too in the Q&A part of the show.