World Music,

Lo’Jo (Adur Festival Launch Act)

Thursday 30th May 2013 - Starts 8pm



This is an amazing opportunity to catch one of the rare performances of this unique and exciting band, blending world music with strong North African as well as French elements.

2013 is the 31st year of Lo’Jo’s existence, having recently released their 13th studio album, Cinema el Mundo.

Hailing from Angers in the west of France, Lo’Jo have performed throughout the world from Agadir, Adelaide, Chicago, New York, Buenos-Aires, and Kathmandu to name but a few. The group is highly acclaimed in the world music community and a prominent member of the WOMAD circuit.

They were pivotal in the organisation of the very first Festival Of The Desert held in Mali in 2001, where they launched the international careers of the Touareg poet Tinariwen.

This sextet is the nucleus around which countless free radicals have orbited for moments of magic during the past three decades; Robert Plant, Robert Wyatt, Justin AdamsReunion Island, maestro René Lacaille, Georgian panduri legend Nias Diasamidze, cellist Vincent Segal, and many more.

Don’t miss out on this magical musical experience.